How to get a streak back

Snapchat streaks: How to get back a lost streak and how to report a problem

how to get a streak back


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Most of us have been in this situation. We get a bit too carefree then bam! Skip this in order to find out how to get it back. The simple answer is because you have sent a red snap in the last 24 hours. Snaps sent to a group do not count and Snaps sent with Memories do not Count either.

SnapStreak is one of the unique features of Snapchat. If this feature is disappeared from your Snapchat, then there is a possible way to get it back. Step 1. First, go to support page of the Snapchat app. Step 2. Then click on the Contact Us option from there.

Snapchat users work hard to earn and keep their Snapstreaks going with their friends in the app so when they lose one it can be upsetting. Sometimes users can lose a streak even when they've followed all the rules for keeping one, but if that happens there's a way they can try and get it back. A Snapstreak is indicated by a little flame emoji next to a friend's name in the app. A single flame indicates that the two users have exchanged snaps in the app in every 24 hour period in the last three days in a row. Once users hit more than three days, a number appears next to the flame emoji indicating the number of days the users have exchanged Snapchats in a row. The flame is replaced with an hourglass when the streak is about to be lost and the users have to exchange snaps if they want to keep it.

Unexpectedly, you've lost your Snapchat Streak But don't panic! Here's how you might be able to get your Streak back.
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Snapchat users have had their complaints about the photo-sharing and media app, especially since the latest update, which was based on a complete redesign, was released. Users were so upset about the redesign that they petitioned to have the app changed, and Snapchat obliged. But one thing didn't change with the redesign: Users were still losing the Snapchat streaks that they worked long and hard for with their friends. A Snapchat streak is indicated by a little flame emoji with a number in the Snapchat app. It represents the number of consecutive days a user has sent a snap to a friend through the app. There are a few requirements to keep the streak going.

How to Get a Snapchat Streak Back and File for Connectivity Issues

You have to send a snap and receive a snap to and from your friend everyday to increase your streak. This streak can sometimes disappear due to glitches and network issues as well. - Losing Snap Streaks is honestly one of the worst things that can ever happen to anyone! When you complete sending snaps continually for more than three days, a fire emoji pops up along with number of streaks.

How to Get Your Streak Back on Snapchat

Post a Comment. What are snapstreaks? You can often build a Snapstreak if you and your friends Snapchat each other. The Snapstreak increases when, within three consecutive days, you and your friend send a snap. As you do so, your friend will notice a flame emoji next to his name. The number next to the flame will increase if you send snaps every day.

Technology Explained. Social Media. You log into Snapchat. You see that wonderful fire symbol next to the name of your best friend. The number is growing daily.

7 Simple Steps to Get your Snapchat Streak Back (in 1 Minute)




Discover tips and tricks, find answers to common questions, and get help! Contact Us. Using Snapchat. My Account & Security. Safety. Privacy. Troubleshooting.
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