Tierra de reyes capitulo 6

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tierra de reyes capitulo 6

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Tierra De Reyes episode 47 , was full of surprises. After Cayetana falls from the poor construction Arturo, Flavio and Samuel built she demands answers. The Gallardo brothers confessed that they are not engineers that they needed the money and begged Soledad to give them an opportunity. Cayetana furious told them to leave her house immediately and that she never wants to see them again. Irina went to see Flavio and told him that the baby that Sofia is expecting is his and not Leonardo. She also invited him to her bridesmaids get together so that he can see Sofia.

Tierra de reyes English: Land of Honor , [2] is an American telenovela premiered on Telemundo on December 2, , and concluded on July 27, The story of the humble and hardworking Gallardo brothers' quest for vengeance against the wealthy and powerful del Junco family. When the body of young, beautiful, and pregnant Alma Gallardo is found in the Houston River, her brothers Arturo, Samuel, and Flavio believe the family of her lover Ignacio del Junco is to blame. Taking the last name "Rey" to disguise their identity, the brothers begin to work as laborers at the sprawling del Junco horse ranch to get closer to their enemy. Their desire for vengeance and justice becomes more complicated when the Gallardo brothers and the del Junco sisters begin to develop genuine feelings for each other. The truth about the identity of the brothers becomes known to the del Junco family and Cayetana develops hatred towards the Gallardo brothers.

A Justin Fuller thank you. Poor "Little Mo" got left behind. If you listen closely you can hear Official video of Telemundo content Land of Honor. Episode

Tierra de Reyes

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