Deep seated or deep seeded

Is It 'Deep-Seated' or 'Deep-Seeded'?

deep seated or deep seeded

If your love of reading is deep-seated, it's firmly established. If your love of reading is deep-seeded, you've just made a usage error.

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Help your kids build their vocabulary! From the sanguine to the downright choleric. Johnson asks to suspend Parliament. You all would not have guessed some of these. Deep-seated , not deep-seeded , is the correct term. Deep-seated means "firmly established," as in "deep-seated resentment," but it also has an earlier literal meaning of "situated far below the surface," as in "a deep-seated inflammation.

Jeff harbored a deep-seated resentment against his father. The XYZ Foundation bases its decisions on a set of deep-seated beliefs. And that would be incorrect, even if it almost makes perfect logical sense. In effect, you can think of something as being deep-seated for one or more of three primary reasons: the thing has existed for a very long time, the thing is very difficult to change, or the thing is rooted at a very profound level. Many religions have deep-seated beliefs, for instance, that have been a part of the literature for centuries. People hold these beliefs very strongly, deep in their hearts. If you take a seed and you plant it deep into the soil, you have literally seeded the ground deeply.

I know it is deep-seated because Mr. Deep-seeded conjures a memory of too deeply planted corn. The extra expense of a second planting will eat up all the profit even if the price of corn is high in the fall. Each has a place in our language. From Dictionary. Funny thing is that I always thought it was "deep-seeded" based on the "planted" imagery.

When looking to describe something, such as loyalty, a grievance, etc, that is firmly implanted or established, it is tempting to say that it is deep-seeded. After all, a seed is buried deep beneath the dirt. Which of the following would be correct? If you chose A, you chose the correct one. But why? What is the difference? Why is it deep-seated and not deep-seeded?

The English language is a difficult one to master, especially for non-native speakers and writers. Many words sound the same, have similar meanings, are pronounced alike, etc. It is essential, however, to know, learn, and remember these key differences to be an effective oral and written communicator. These two spellings sound virtually the same when spoken, but only one is the correct use of a common English phrase. In this post, I hope to bring more clarity and understanding to these two phrases, so that going forward in your writing, the correct message is communicated with your readers. What does deep-seated mean?

Sometimes there is a turn of phrase that twists itself on your tongue. Check out the deeply seated metaphor that is often mixed up with deep-seeded. Deep-seated is a metaphor that means you are deep in the seat. Have you ever spent a summer floating down a river in an intertube? The original definition of deep-seated from gives more cadence to the meaning. Want to know other words that were first used in print in ? You can, thanks to the Time Traveler at Merriam-Webster:.

Deep-Seated vs. Deep-Seeded

Grammar 101: Deep-Seated or Deep-Seeded?

According to a Jan. Iesa Galloway, Houston Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations search said the questionnaire was "rooted in deep-seeded ignorance of the religion of Islam and the Muslim people. And in terms of the current ordinary-language meaning of the words involved, "deep-seeded ignorance" makes sense, while "deep-seated ignorance" doesn't. Ignorance can be planted deep and thus have deep metaphorical roots, but deep-seated ignorance would have to be ignorance cut with a lot of room in the crotch, or maybe ignorance sitting in a badly-designed armchair. We've been accused recently of "let[ting] stodgy prescriptivism out into Language Log".



Seat can mean a location, as in the county seat, or a body part that is the center of some emotion or function. For this definition,
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