How to feed a snake

Should You Feed a Snake in a Separate Container?

how to feed a snake

How to Feed a Snake. Snakes are natural hunters, and in captivity their healthiest food source are rats or mice. These can be fed to your snake.


One of the most fascinating aspects of having a pet snake is watching it feed. Depending on the species, your snake may bite its prey and then wrap itself around the prey until it suffocates its meal. This is a captivating sight for a snake owner to see. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to feed a snake. Hamsters Aren't Jerks.

Feeding a snake is quite easy. However, there is one feeding-related topic that comes up frequently among snake owners. There are many pros and cons to feeding snakes in a separate enclosure vs.
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Q: What can I feed my ball python that is not a rodent? I don't think I could handle watching a poor mouse, rat or other rodent dead and being eaten. Could I maybe feed it crickets or eggs, or something else than a poor once living animal? A: Oh, boy! She wanted to feed her snake nothing but fish. It is a fact of life for you and your snake , that these types of snakes have been consuming rodents among other things for quite a long time and this should be a staple of the boa and python diet.

Snakes are natural hunters, and in captivity their healthiest food source are rats or mice. These can be fed to your snake either live or frozen then thawed. You can raise your own prey for your snake or buy it from a pet store. Be sure to choose the size that's right for your snake's age and species. To feed a snake, start by getting mice or rats from a local pet store that are alive or frozen.

John Berry. There are many myths and untruths about feeding captive ball pythons. Much advice that is offered is simply not helpful. Hopefully this guide will help you understand the what, how and when of feeding your ball python and improve your snake keeping experience. Firstly, you need to understand that most snakes will eat when they are happy and hungry. This is natural and needs to be expected. Ball pythons in particular can often be described as binge feeders.

Feeding Ball Pythons

Should I be giving my snake feeder mice or rats?, Ball pythons are one of the most popular snakes kept as pets. There are some very good reasons for this.

How to Feed a Snake



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  1. Some snakes, like ball pythons, are known to not want to eat but feeding problems can occur with any kind of snake.

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