How many miles has the volcano in hawaii erupted

The Science Behind Hawaii's Surprising 2018 Volcanic Eruption

how many miles has the volcano in hawaii erupted

Lava flows in Pahoa - Eruption Update

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So far the two-month long eruption of Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has sown an epic amount of destruction, covering entire neighborhoods with lava, evaporating the island's largest lake and transforming a tropical landscape to something more like Mordor. But while the devastation is both tragic and impressive, there is some irony in that the eruption is actually a net gain for this island, at least in terms of total land mass. Lava erupted from two dozen fissures in Kilauea's lower East Rift Zone , transforming the Puna area, especially the communities of Leilani Estates and Kapoho. But in recent weeks most of the action has come from fissure 8, which has been providing steady and even rapid flows of lava making its way down to the ocean entry at Kapoho. A few months ago, there was a picturesque half-moon bay at this spot, but since then lava has completely filled in the bay and begun forming a brand new lava delta. As of Friday, the eruption had laid down a total of acres of new land where previously there was only ocean.

Now the U. Sign up for the Science Times newsletter. That could have allowed magma at the site to flow through an established pathway toward the lower east rift zone. The next day, the first fissure of many appeared in the Leilani Estates Subdivision, and lava began to flow, prompting the evacuation of thousands of residents. Increased seismic activity at the summit coincided with a magnitude 6. The shaking likely resulted from a migration of magma pushing against the southern section of the volcano, which caused a fault to slip.

Located along the southerneastern shore of the island, the volcano is between , and , years old and emerged above sea level about , years ago. It is the second youngest product of the Hawaiian hotspot and the current eruptive center of the Hawaiian—Emperor seamount chain. During the lower Puna eruption , which began on May 3, two dozen lava vents erupted downrift from the summit in Puna. The eruption was accompanied by a strong earthquake on May 4 of M w 6. On May 17, at AM, the volcano explosively erupted at the summit in Halemaumau Crater , throwing ash 30, feet into the air.

Hawaii volcano eruption latest map: How much new land has Kilauea created? Who owns it?

Lava From Kilauea's Eruption In Hawaii Is Flowing Faster Than You Can Run 17 mph

By May 27, , 24 fissures had erupted lava in or near the Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens subdivisions. The Puna Geothermal Venture , which provided one-quarter of the island's electricity, was forced to shut down and was later damaged by lava. The fissures had sent lava rivers that buried part of Hawaii Route on May 19, and began flowing into the ocean. On the night of June 4—5, the northeastern flow of lava speedily moved forward and destroyed the subdivision of Vacationland Hawaii. By August 7, About acres 3. In connection with the eruption and its possible effects on the Hilina Slump , the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory published information concluding that the chance of a catastrophic collapse would be incredibly remote.



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  1. The lower Puna eruption was a volcanic event on the island of Hawai?i, on Kilauea volcano's East Rift Zone that began on May 3, It is related to the.

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