How to build a potato gun

How to Make a Potato Gun

how to build a potato gun

Potato Launcher DIY : Super Dangerous !!!

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In this instructable I'm going to teach you how to build the original hairspray powered potato cannon. Sometims it is also called a potato gun. The finished gun can shoot potatoes over yards!!! Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Building Materials -5 feet of 1. Drill a hole in the 3" pipe for the metal lead from the ignitor to fit, mount the ignitor using screws provided, you can slop some glue around the hole to make sure there wont be a gap where the flames will shoot out and burn your arm

How to Make a Potato Gun. You may love to eat potatoes, but firing them out of a cannon can be even more fun. A potato gun, also called a spudzooka, potato.
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The Best of BrainStuff Harpooning Space Trash, Comets and Asteroids. The Secret Service: Agents vs. Sports Build Confidence In Amputees. This is a classic HowStuffWorks article that describes the construction and operation of the traditional potato cannon:. The traditional potato cannon is a combustion device - it uses hairspray as its fuel and the spark unit from an outdoor grill to ignite it. This works fine but it is a little fidgety to get it working.

Here you will find free plans for building your own spudgun. These potato guns are from some of my very early designs and can be improved upon. They are a good starting point into the potato gun hobby. They are fairly powerful, and easy to build. Also these designs can be modified and tweaked for better performance. If you are looking for a spudgun with a little more advanced features, check out the BL Series launchers. Be sure to read the solvent welding section of the site for proper PVC gluing techniques.

Engineering the Perfect Potato Cannon

Show less, For the adolescents at play, having a good potato cannon at hand can be a fun way to spend some time outdoors. And for those parents wishing to give their kids practical lessons, a potato launcher is a fun demonstration of many of the principles of physics.

Made out of a few simple PVC fittings and lengths of pipe, potato cannons can launch spuds up to yards. They're cheap and fun to make.
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Recently, our manufacturing team set out on a mission to create the perfect potato cannon. The result of this grand engineering conquest resulted in one triple-barreled eardrum-shattering potato cannon, and another duct taped cannon that was quite the disappointment. To design a potato cannon, all that is essentially needed is some PVC parts and a flammable aerosol. However, there are 2 main components of a potato gun: the combustion chamber and the barrel. The combustion chamber usually has a barbecue lighter to ignite the combustible gasses sprayed inside, and the barrel is essentially a long length of PVC tube. You can develop a cannon of virtually any size using this method, but you want to use a ratio about for the combustion chamber volume to barrel ratio.

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