How to make a tshirt into a crop top

68 Fun and Flirty Ways to Refashion Your T-Shirts

how to make a tshirt into a crop top

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The quickest way to a crop top is to just crop a top, take scissors to it and go. Easy, right? Well, as it turns out, the quickest way to deep personal regret is also to crop a top, take scissors to it and go. First, picture the shirt you want to cut. Then, picture it as two tragic new rags to polish your coffee table. If you start to well with tears, choose another.

Looking for a way to give new life to an old t-shirt? You can create a huge variety of cutout designs on the back, sleeves, and neckline of any common t-shirt. Learn a few of these cutting methods to do easily yourself! If you're looking to add some style to an old T-shirt, try cutting off the bottom part with a pair of scissors to turn the shirt into a crop top. If you want to add a fun pattern to your new crop top, you could cut shapes out above the hemline for a unique pattern. If crop tops aren't your style, you can also turn your T-shirt into a tank top just by cutting along the arm hole seam.

This tutorial is easy, we promise! In just a few simple steps you'll have an adorable crop top for Summer! First, cut the collar and sleeves off your t-shirt. Be sure to cut the seams completely off, but follow them closely as you cut. Next, decide what length you'd like for your crop top and cut straight across the back of the t-shirt, making sure not to cut the front of your tee. Note: we cropped our shirt approximately 6" from the bottom hem.

From Baggy Shirt to Cute Crop Top

I haven't made a project in a while, and recently saw a super cute crop top online with an embroidered flower on the pocket. I thought I could make something really similar for a much cheaper price, so I decided to make this Instructable. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Choose an old shirt to turn into a crop top. You can crop just about any type of shirt or.
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