How to go to eterna city in pokemon diamond

Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum Walkthrough:

how to go to eterna city in pokemon diamond

I'm currently at oreburgh, and need to get to eterna city, I need to get a bicycle cause I need to get up a slop and it is too slippery to walk up?.

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Head down and enter the bike shop to discover that it's clerk, Rad Rickshaw, is not there. Talk to the boy at the table, and he will tell you that the manager went off to the Galactic Building and hasn't returned. The thing is, the Galactic Building is barricaded by trees that need cutting down, and you can't use Cut until you get another Gym badge. Sounds like now you need to take a visit to Gym 2. This shop, located to the right of the Team Galactic Building, sells herbal medicine. The Eterna City Gym can be very confusing at first.

Initially, anyway, we'll be on Route for only a short time. Don't worry about any of the new Pokemon you'll find here just yet. Instead, simply head rightward down this beginning area of the route. Make sure to grab the Chesto Berry and the Pecha Berry from the bushes that line the north end of the path as you go. Before long, you'll run into a little girl on the path. Speak with her in order to catalyze upcoming events.

It's time to go to the gym in Eterna City and grab your second badge. But first, we want to direct your attention to the east side of Eterna City , where you can access Route You can't do much here yet, but you can catch some new Pokemon in the grasses and in the nearby cave to the east of the route. Meditites can be caught in the grasses of Route , while in the nearby cave, Chingling s are amongst the new Pokemon available. Catch what you want before proceeding. Even though you can't really go anywhere on the route or in the cave yet, catching these Pokemon now simply means you don't have to worry about it later when you come through here as part of the primary story. If you're interested in more detailed descriptions on what's going on throughout Route , you'll have to wait 'til later.

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl Walkthrough (Part 3)

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Route is a route in Sinnoh. Floaroma Town is found at the southwest of this map, and Valley Windworks at the southeast. At the north, Eterna Forest , leads to Eterna City. When you reach Route , a little girl will seek help from you to help her Dad at the Valley Windworks. You must rescue her Dad because you cannot access the northern part of this route, blocked by two Galactic Grunts. Head to Valley Windworks then.

There are plenty of things to do in Eterna City before your second gym battle. First, go north a bit. In Platinum, Rival will take you to see a Pokemon statue. A girl named Cynthia will then give you HM01 - Cut. As usual, you won't be able to use this until you get the badge in this city.


Pokemon Pearl Walkthrough Episode 21:Eterna City


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