How tall is alexis ohanian

Alexis Ohanian Biography, Age, Mother, Net Worth, Height, Instagram

how tall is alexis ohanian

How Alexis Ohanian Met His Future Wife Serena Williams

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Alexis Ohanian is a savvy entrepreneur, investor, internet guru, and an accomplished writer. His intelligence, hard work and grit have helped him achieve numerous breakthroughs in his career. Alexis also became popular after he started dating and eventually married one of the greatest tennis players of all time Serena Williams. He is of mixed ancestry as his father is Armenian and his mother, German. Alexis has been vocal about his admiration for the bond and relationship his parents shared and how it influenced him while growing up and how his life turned out.

He helped launch the travel search website Hipmunk, and also started the social enterprise Breadpig. He was also a partner at Y Combinator. He attended Howard High School in Ellicott City, Maryland, where he gave the student address for his graduating class in He attended University of Virginia and graduated in with degrees in commerce and history. His mother was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor in When Ohanian was living in Boston, less than a month into development of reddit. Ohanian became engaged to tennis player Serena Williams on December 10,

Is Alexis Ohanian married? Yes, he is. Although he has gained an impressive career success but is more popular because of his conjugal life with American professional tennis player, Serena Williams. The duo celebrated their engagement on December 10, Before two months of their marriage, the couple welcomed their daughter named Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. They tied their knot on November 16, , in New Orleans. As per Ohanian, he measures his success in the business world by seeing his wife compete.

He is best known as the co-founder and executive chairman of the social news website Reddit. He also co-founded the early-stage venture capital firm Initialized Capital , helped launch the travel search website Hipmunk, and started the social enterprise Breadpig. He was also a partner at Y Combinator.
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But who exactly is her husband Alexis, how long has he been dating Serena and just how much is he worth? Alexis Ohanian , 36, is a tech entrepreneur and best-selling author from the US. The father-of-one was born in Brooklyn, New York City, in to an Armenian-American father whose family fled the genocide and a German mother. Alexis went to school in Ellicot City, Maryland, before graduating from the University of Virginia in with degrees in commerce and history. As well as his online ventures and writing he is a political activist specifically in matters relating to the worldwide web.

Alexis Ohanian Bio, Height, Mother, Age, Net Worth, Wife, Kids

The past two years have been huge for Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian. Since December , the tennis superstar and tech guru, respectively, got engaged, had a baby daughter, and got married.



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  1. Alexis Kerry Ohanian (born April 24, ) is an American Internet entrepreneur and investor. Alexis Kerry Ohanian. () April 24, (age 36).

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