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Homeland recap: season six, episode eight – Alt.Truth

homeland season 6 episode 8

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Spoiler alert: this blog is published after Homeland airs in the US. The truth is the first casualty when things cut up rough and it takes a battering this week. It is nothing of the sort of course, but factual accuracy has never been its intention. Footage from Afghanistan shows that Keane died running into the line of fire to save his wounded comrades, but if you edit it just right, you can make it look like he was running away. Overseeing it all like some demonic executive producer is Dar Adal. This week, Astrid comes under suspicion and as she goes for a run, he disarms her gun, neutralising any potential threat from her.

The sixth season of the American television drama series Homeland premiered on January 15, , and concluded on April 9, , on Showtime , consisting of 12 episodes.
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Indeed, this hour is very Carrie and Saul centric. Faced with the fact that he has to get Javadi in front of the president-elect, and the knowledge that Dar Adal has essentially removed him from the equation of decision-making in what is looking increasingly like a coup, he turns to Carrie at a moment where she—and the momentum of the series—desperately needs a friend. Saul is able to show Carrie where her daughter is being kept, but more importantly, he is also able to show her a path out of her funk. In this game of intramural espionage, betrayal, and jockeying for political position through a level of lies and deceit worthy of any third rate banana republic, there really is no such thing as loyalty or trust to be had. The fact that government relations between career folks, intelligence agencies, and new administration political appointees appears just as fractured from the outside in our world as this fiction only heightens the appeal of the series, whether it be coincidence or not. The entire journey for Carrie and Javadi left me suspicious. Narratively, it just seemed too easy for them to place the pieces together this quickly, and that something bad must occur before she arrives.

It premiered on Showtime on March 12, Saul Mandy Patinkin visits Carrie Claire Danes at her home and finds her distraught about losing her daughter. He takes Carrie to Franny's foster home and parks across the street so Carrie can see that her daughter is in good care. At the meeting, Javadi tells Keane that Nafisi did make payments to North Korea and that there is reason to believe Iran is contravening the nuclear agreement. Carrie and Saul are blindsided, having expected Javadi to say the opposite.

Carrie and Saul reunite, but it's not enough to unravel the mystery. Yet, I sighed at the end of watching this hour. Robot -type fake-out hey, the episode title certainly resembles that heady series , but I think what we really have is a show spinning its wheels before its final four installments. The only saving grace was seeing Carrie work with Saul again. Squirreled away at a shelter, Javadi has grown restless and pushes Saul to move forward with getting in contact with Keane.

‘Homeland’ Recap: Paranoia Abounds in Episode 8, ‘Alt.Truth’

The show has always worked to balance the personal and the political, often being most effective when it looks at how the former impacts the latter. Carrie is a mess because her daughter, Frannie, has been taken away from her. Saul has been left out of nearly every political loop and no longer has the power he once did, as his one-time ally Dar Adal F.

Homeland Season 6 Episode 8 Review: Alt.Truth

Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. David Oyelowo Don't Let Go , Selma fills in the blanks on his career, including one credit he wishes he could get a do-over on. Watch now. Memory-challenged Quinn duly mistrusts his minder and ex Astrid, seeing her talk to the 'stalker' and disarms her, but that backfires doubly. Saul arranges for Iranian key witness Majid Javadi to meet president-elect Elizabeth Keane, but the defected ex-asset resumes the Mossad lies.

It feels sadistic. Not toward me, of course though I needed this loss like a hole in the head , but toward Quinn who, as Astrid herself noted, has lost so much already. The harm is done. But did he deserve to pay this high a price? I always felt like there was some writerly unmet-need-driven Bad Mommy anger operating there, beyond the surface-level attack on pre-feminism housewifery. At least one reader has commented — with apologies for the focus on such seeming trivia — that Quinn needs a shower and a fresh change of clothes.






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