Life in cold season 1 episode 1

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life in cold   season 1 episode 1

Cold Squad - s01xe08 - Taggert Family - Tom Cavanagh Episode

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Will DNA testing help them find the murderer and answers for her grieving kids? Heyzel Obondo, a mother of two, was found dead in her Fort Myers home. Three years later, her live-in boyfriend, Earl Antonio Joiner, has been charged with her murder. Barbara Mendez was bludgeoned to death in at her credit union job. When her body was discovered almost 3 years later outside the city, it left a family searching for her killer. Viewer's Voice. Coming Soon.

He chased a lot of romantic interests as a young man but met with repeated rejection. He had a habit of unnerving the women he pursued. Josh had only two serious relationships in his adult life: his marriage to Susan Cox in and his relationship with a young woman named Catherine in Those two relationships bore some striking similarities. Catherine and Susan were each 19 when they started dating Josh.

The show follows former prosecutor Kelly Siegler and crime scene investigator Yolanda McClary as they travel around the country solving cold cases. Her live-in boyfriend Ronnie claimed she shot herself, and the medical examiner also claimed it was a suicide. Carl Bowen takes them through the case, which has been eating away at him for 12 years. Something about it never sat right with him, and Pam the victim her kids were there when it happened. Kayla said Ronnie hit her, and then Ronnie and Pam started fighting.

A look the lengths people go to as they seek the truth when a loved one dies because of crime. A year-old murder investigation is given fresh momentum when the victim's nephew takes the case on. He'll stop at nothing to find answers, but his search for the truth surfaces hidden secrets. A young mother's disappearance in is initially deemed the result of a catastrophic airplane crash. But for her daughter the story doesn't add up, and a seemingly open-and-shut case turns into a year murder investigation. A young mother is found dead in her car on New Year's Day, and there's little evidence for cops to go on.

Episode 1 End of the Road

Unforgotten is a British crime drama television series, which initially aired on ITV on 8 October It is written by creator Chris Lang and directed by Andy Wilson., Robert Downey Jr. Sign in.

The Cold-Blooded Truth

The first season of Cold Case , an American television series , began airing on September 28, Cold Case is a drama about Lilly Rush, an enigmatic and highly effective detective on the Philadelphia Homicide Squad. Rush's instinctive understanding of the criminal mind and her singular passion for uncovering the truth makes her the perfect fit for investigating cold cases, yester-crimes that have remained unsolved some only a few months old, others going back decades. Rush and her team use their wits to take on aging evidence and witnesses with buried secrets, uncovering fresh clues, digging into old wounds and doggedly pursuing the truth. Joining Rush on her mission are a team of talented detectives: Scotty Valens, Rush's confident and street-smart partner; Nick Vera, rough around the edges but a sharp investigator; Will Jeffries, an experienced veteran who's been around the block; Kat Miller, no-nonsense and resourceful; and Lieutenant John Stillman, Rush's mentor and sometime father figure.


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