Westworld season 2 episode 10 recap

'Westworld' Season 2, Episode 10 Recap: 'The Passenger'

westworld season 2 episode 10 recap

Westworld Season 2 Episode 10 Ending Explained

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The two old "frenemies" say a final farewell. After Teddy made the ultimate sacrifice in the last episode, Dolores is stricken with grief, but her goal appears unchanged. Dolores and Bernard enter the Forge, which is a lot like the Cradle, but for guests. The system chooses to manifest itself in the unlikable form of Logan Delos, which makes sense, seeing as James Delos appears to be the primary test subject. Sink or swim, quite literally. While this is patently untrue, it is, admittedly, kind of interesting to see the traditional roles reversed between human and robot - science fiction stories tend to favor human characters with free will, and depicts machines as slaves to their programming.

It's strange how things seem to run in parallel. I said in that review that it didn't really cheapen the concept of death, because it's not a show where there are any hard and fast rules about it. Preacher is a show about a man with the power of God looking to find God and hold Him accountable for His neglect of creation. Westworld is about a man who didn't just try to be like God, he was God of his own little world. Cowboys and Indians, hosts and guests, all narratives guided by the late, great Robert Ford who lives on, immortal, within the operating system that powers Westworld.

‘Westworld’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Stop Making Sense

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Westworld finale recap: season 2, episode 10 – who will make it out alive?

Are there multiple timelines? Where is Elsie? The show sometimes feels like a few hundred million dollars spent just to spawn fan theories and Reddit arguments. It became hostile to understanding. Much is revealed and many more mysteries are generated.

Bring yourself back online. Ford Anthony Hopkins actually told Bernard that Dolores knew Arnold better than he did, so it made sense she would be the one to help create a host based on him. None of that is actually true, because as it turns out, Dolores has been testing a new Bernard for fidelity over 11, times she says , and this has been happening in the real world outside the park, in the future. Remember when Arnold took a brand new Dolores host to the home he was building? But how we get there is what is interesting. It starts to lose power and he is forced to go the rest of the way on foot.

Mysteries were solved, lives were lost, and everything has now changed in a riveting and beautifully made episode. Toye, a gorgeous Ramin Djawadi score, terrific performances and stuck a landing that set the stage for an intriguing season 3. If not, go back and watch that first. Before the Flood: Dolores lays with dead Teddy, then takes his brain Brita filter for a purpose that will be revealed later. She lets him tag along to the Valley Beyond.

Westworld season 2, episode 10 recap: “The Passenger”

The first season of Westworld held a somewhat common dramatic shape: After a raucous start, it slowly devolved into some narrative wheel-spinning before it came roaring back to life with some late-game fireworks. Season two has been a trickier beast. Even the ending series of vignettes play out with little dramatic purpose, an inhuman series of speeches where characters seem to lecture one another rather than discuss or fight. But this time, there is no real purpose in holding it back. Maybe the show is just like Lucille Bluth and it gets off on being withholding. At least the beginning showed promise. Speaking of which, an Old William and Dolores team-up makes zero narrative sense.

Hi, Westworld is over, as is my reason for bothering to wake up on Sundays. As we predicted, the season culminated in all our best robotic buddies meeting up at the Valley Beyond, and TBH, this was me during the relatively snoozy first half:.
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Do not read unless you have watched season two, episode Last week we left Dolores on the verge of entering the Valley Beyond, Maeve on the brink of death on an operating table, Bernard in at least two places at once and the Man In Black contemplating suicide. She recognises evil when she sees it and decides the MiB can help her get to the Valley Beyond. Soon, they encounter Bernard, too. After a shootout, Bernard joins the gang, and what a gang it is! Oh, hang on, the MiB is unloading his pistol into Dolores. He shoots Dolores dead, transfers a load of data — apparently all the data on the guests — to Delos HQ and floods the Forge.


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  1. Season 2 of Westworld has been a wild ride, delivering some of the best episodes of the show, along with some unnecessarily convoluted.

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