Billions season 3 episode 4 recap

Hell of a Ride

billions season 3 episode 4 recap

Apr 15, Get your dad feelings ready for this Rhoades v. Rhoades showdown. A recap of Billions season 3 episode 4 'Hell of a Ride'.

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The episode opens on the night before the primary election to determine the presumptive State Attorney General for New York. Axe has hired men to sabotage school buses in the district, and to offer up a free casino trip with plenty of chips for a number of other constituents. That means record low voter turnout, which is a good thing for Chuck. Axe wants Chuck to do a happy dance. He has to drop out of the race.

And Messes With The Director. Is '47 Meters Down' on Netflix? The recap is back! When we last saw Axe and the gang , the traders at Axe Capital were sweating bullets at the prospect of the quants coming for their jobs and way of life. And what about Chuck now facing the prospect of being done in by his own father, will we see the father son relationship restored, or will Charles capitalize on an opportunity for revenge?

His loss, in pursuit of space travel, guts Wendy, but also has a real impact on Taylor, who sensibly had placed a major bet against his chance of launching successfully. Obviously this cannot be the first time Taylor has realized that their work is not always aligned with the path of furthering human happiness and scientific advancement, but it definitely seems to be the first time they feel it with any acuity. Wags, amusingly, is mainly occupied this week by a fun subplot revolving around his desire to spend his eternal rest in the last physical burial plot in Manhattan, and the ensuing high jinks required to wrestle it from the wealthy personal injury lawyer currently squatting on it. Legacy, it seems, is the watchword consuming all of our characters this week. Now we come to the heart of this episode, the aforementioned Rhoades v.

‘Billions’ Recap Reality Index: Season 3, Episode 4 (“Hell Of A Ride”)

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In the case against Axe Capital, the only loose end left for Chuck is his father. Billions knows how to use time jumps and flashbacks better than most shows. The trick is that the show understands when to use them for maximum effect. The episode begins with Dake and Connerty offering Chuck Sr. They, or Connerty more specifically, want to know, on the record, that Chuck directed his father to use his trust money to invest in Ice Juice, therefore luring Axe into a trap before purposely sabotaging the IPO. Then, the episode flashes back to three days earlier.

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Well, basically, everyone. Jeffrey DeMunn , is about to reveal some of Chuck Jr. A tank at a plant is due to explode, thereby setting off the surrounding tanks while tanking everything and everyone in the market with ties to the industry. Personal laptops and phones that were tied to the Axe Capital network during the past few days are also affected, thereby rendering them utterly useless. In other words, the company is quite literally kicked off the modern grid and forced to use burner phones, personal connections and called-in favors in order to dump all of the offending shares related to the impending doom and gloom of the natural gas industry. The argument can be made. Personally, however, it adds a significant amount of weight to the growing wedge that already exists between him and Wendy.

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  1. Apr 15, Billions knows how to use time jumps and flashbacks better than most shows. The trick is that the show understands when to use them for.

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