Psych season 8 episode 3

Remake A.K.A. Cloudy... With a Chance of Improvement

psych season 8 episode 3

This episode is a remake of “Cloudy With A Chance Of Murder,” an episode that originally aired in Season 1 of Psych. Mirroring the case in the.

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A subreddit devoted to all things Psych! This is the place to talk about the silliest, most pineapple-filled show on USA Network. Show Summary: Shawn Spencer has developed a keen eye for detail after being instructed by his police officer father to note even the most minute details of his surroundings. After conning the police into believing that he's a psychic, Shawn opens a detective agency with best friend Burton Guster. If you miss that good ol' Shawn and Gus goodness, read through some old discussions from the last few seasons linked below! Recycled actors in Season 8, Episode 3 self.

'Psych' Remakes A Season 1 Episode For No Reason, And It's Hilarious

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There are remakes of films, television mini-series and occasionally entire television series. But has there ever been a remake of a single episode Leave it to " Psych " to break new ground, and to do it just because. This week's episode is a redo of a fairly standard Season 1 episode called "Cloudy With a Chance of Improvement," the episode began with Shawn and Gus ranting about how much they hate remakes.

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Steve Franks is continuing as showrunner of the series. On December 19, , it was announced that Psych had been renewed for an eighth season consisting of eight episodes.
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I watched the latest episode of Psych season 8, episode 3 over the weekend, and thought it would be a fun one to recap. They did a parody of remakes, by doing a remake of their own, with a take two of the season 1 episode Cloudy The basic story is the same: Shawn and Gus offer their services as legal consultants to a lawyer out of his depths, and in need of some self confidence, defending a teacher accused to killing a local TV weatherman. Shawn is able to figure out who the killer is after a more careful inspection of some surveillance video. The remake of the story starts off with a reminder that the episode takes place in , and starts off similarly, with Shawn and Gus going to the courthouse because Shawn's motorcycle was impounded. They also start off with Shawn and Gus discussing how most remakes are a bad idea where they just use stunt casting and fancy CGI to make things look pretty, right before entering the courthouse, which looks a lot more polished than in the original episode. I found the episode to be quite enjoyable, and a fun game of "spot the difference", and without going back and watching the original which I was tempted to do but didn't have time , here's what I noticed.


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  1. Psych makes television history in a never-been-done remake of the season one episode "Cloudy with a Chance of Murder." Season 8 | Episode 3. Previous.

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