Lion jumps into safari vehicle

Friendly lion jumps inside safari vehicle, nuzzles passengers

lion jumps into safari vehicle

Lion Jumps And Surprises Me During An Interview

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Nature is unpredictable, as one group of students learned the hard way when a male white lion decided to pay them a surprise visit and jump into their safari vehicle. The nerve-wracking incident, which took place in the world-famous Kruger National Park in South Africa, was captured on video by one of the startled holidaymakers, who managed to make an early escape. In the footage, the adult lion can be seen getting uncomfortably close to students — at times, just centimetres away. According to the person who uploaded the viral clip, this close encounter isn't an isolated incident. READ: 'Dumb' tourist's attempt to pat wild lion turns savage. Luckily, Zeus is supposedly the friendliest of the lions. Certainly, the lion appears comfortable around humans in the footage — of course, as with all dealings with wild animals, danger is ever present and students are right to be nervous.

A lion at a safari park in Vilnohirsk, Crimea, was filmed jumping into a vehicle full of tourists - just weeks after a woman was attacked by another lion at the same park. The incident took place at the Taigan Safari Park, and a video of it was shared by the park on YouTube. According to CBS News , the footage shows a lion named Filya climbing into an open-air safari vehicle with tourists sitting inside. Daily Mail reports that the vehicle was being driven by the park owner, Oleg Zubkov, who is also known as the "lion whisperer. Since being shared online on Saturday, the video has collected over 4 lakh views and hundreds of comments. Reactions to the incident have even been curated into their own Twitter Moment today. My love of animals says yes, give me a cuddle but my head says, I'm food, it wants to eat me and I wouldn't stand a chance.

It's my general understanding that wild lions are pretty dangerous, but after watching a very relaxed lion jump into a safari vehicle full of people, I am very confused. Once aboard the lion nuzzled the tourists and plied them with big lion licks. He quickly exited the car as Filya entered it to keep an eye on her interaction with the tourists. All of the visitors seemed surprisingly unfazed and genuinely pleased by a lion climbing all over them. A couple of people even managed to snap a selfie with Filya. I'm just so curious to know why no one was consumed by fear, or an overwhelming sense of their own mortality?

A lion at Crimea's Taigan Safari Park has jumped into a car with tourists and ends up licking and cuddling them. Sign Up. The Daily Digest Today's news headlines, directly to your inbox every morning. Neighbours and public representatives are furious after Also in this section. Kilkenny v Tipperary: Liam Fennelly rates the players Liam Fennelly rates the

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An incredible footage of a lion climbing into an open buggy and getting close to the visitors has gone viral over the internet. The lion at a safari park in Ukraine jumped into the vehicle full of tourists and even licked the face of a woman. The incident happened just a week after a woman was mauled by a lion at the same park.

Despite the threat the big cat poses, he is untethered and can freely walk up to the open sided buggy. A safari park lion jumps into a car packed full of tourists - weks after a woman was attacked at the same site., This feature is only available to trusted partners and clients.

It's my general understanding that wild lions are pretty dangerous, but after watching a very relaxed lion jump into a safari vehicle full of people.
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