Things to do on maternity leave before baby arrives

How are you going to spend your maternity leave before the baby arrives?

things to do on maternity leave before baby arrives


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It appears JavaScript is disabled. To get the most out of the website we recommend enabling JavaScript in your browser. But what do you need to do before finally put the out of office message on your email, and finish your final shift in work? Ah, maternity leave As we all know, the reality may be completely different.

Start with a yummy breakfast in bed before moving on to a Netflix marathon, celeb mags, and Scrabble with your honey.
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Once you've told your boss that you're pregnant , talk to HR to find out what kind of maternity leave you're entitled to, and how long your job will be held for you. Start copying coworkers on emails and keep extra notes on new projects. Now is also the time to set expectations about your leave. Will you respond to the occasional phone call or e-mail? Make clear how available if at all you'll be. Take it from us: Line up some help to get through the first weeks with a newborn, and play to each person's strengths. For example, my mother was great at grocery shopping, but virtually useless when it came to waking up at night for a feeding.

I had 3 weeks, but baby H arrived 1 week before her due date. But I did prioritise what I did and how soon I did it! Of course sleep as much as you can…. Yes, we were the couple with the screaming baby. Go to the cinema. So take advantage see anything and everything, get popcorn, sweets, hotdogs and huge drinks. Read a book.

How will you be spending your pre-baby maternity leave? Last-minute decorating? This mum and blogger has proposed a few brilliant alternatives. You've worked your last day, had your send-off and baby shower, eaten cake and maybe even shed a few tears about ending an era. Now months of anticipation are coming to an end, and you'll soon be meeting the little person you made - and who you've been wondering about for ages. Life will never be the same once your baby is here - and that's wonderful - but as writer and mum-of-two Zeena Moolla can confirm, it's also about sacrificing many things. Like your own time.

12 Things To Do Before Going On Maternity Leave

I was so bored during mine! Then once I had the baby I thought wow I'd love some free time., On a recent Monday, I woke up refreshed.

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