His power level is over 9000

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his power level is over 9000

DBZ Fan Animation: Over 9000

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His speed It's OVER ! Crossovers are always fun -Saiyan Of Legend. We have managed to match VTEC engine's redline and proud to anounce that the likes are now over !! We have good plans in mind so stay

It's Over ! It has since become a popular internet meme that spread across YouTube, with the original video clip getting over 13 million views and spoofs of the clip getting a large amount of views as well. Originally posted on October 17, , the meme was started by user Kajetokun. It shows Vegeta angrily crushing his scouter several times while repeating "It's Over !!! The meme has spread across the world, with the video having received millions of views and is even referenced in certain games of the series, like Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3. In most versions, Vegeta actually says "It's over !

Goku begins powering up, showing off the fruits of his labor, and Nappa asks what Vegeta's scouter measures Goku's power level to be. In a moment that would eventually take on a life of its own, the Saiyan prince exclaims with unbridled rage, " it's over ! When this scene first aired in , fans were focused squarely on Goku's awesome strength, but in more recent years, this moment has become a meme used across the internet on a daily basis to describe when something reaches an absurdly high level. The meme began to spread in late on a variety of message boards and has endured in popularity ever since, attaining a mainstream presence even among those who are unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Z. The franchise spawned a second viral meme with Frieza's "this isn't even my final form" line.

"It's Over !", also known as simply "Over !", refers to an internet meme and a form of In response to Nappa's query about Goku's power level, Vegeta yells: "It's over nine thousand!". A video clip of the scene from the episode was first.
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The line was originally said by Vegeta, one of the main recurring characters featured in the series, and voiced by English voice actor Brian Drummond in the 21st episode of Dragon Ball Z Saiyan Saga titled "The Return of Goku," which originally aired on April 19th, In the English-dub of the episode, the main protagonist character Goku returns to the Earth after intense training in the Other World to square off against Saiyan warriors Vegeta and Nappa. As Goku powers up in rage after learning they had killed his friend Piccolo right before his arrival, Vegeta senses an explosive increase in his power level through his scouter device and yells: "It's over nine thousand! In the Dragon Ball franchise, the Power Level is a recurring concept which denotes the combat strength of a warrior. According to Dragonball Wikia, the highest number ever officially read aloud from a scouter is Captain Ginyu's reading of Goku's power level, which after powering up, is ,


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