They might be giants kids album

They Might Be Giants' awesome new kids' CD: HERE COMES SCIENCE!

they might be giants kids album

Seven - They Might Be Giants

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In the early s, TMBG expanded to include a backing band. The group is known for their uniquely experimental and absurdist style of alternative music, typically utilising surreal, humorous lyrics and unconventional instruments in their songs. Over their career, they have found success on the modern rock and college radio charts. They have also found success in children's music , and in theme music for several television programs and films. TMBG have released 22 studio albums.

Many folks maintain a soft spot for They Might Be Giants in this, their twentieth year. Poor guys, they survived Poor guys, they survived John Henry , one of the least interesting albums ever released. And bless their hearts, their last album-- their most fun since the eighties-- bore the ugly street date of September 11th, , and Pitchfork centurion Matt LeMay crucified it, etching 2. The big time didn't want them. Everyone in the crowd froze, allowing their rejection to manifest.

There is little conventional about Brooklyn band They Might Be Giants, so it is no surprise when a long-distance call with one half of the group, John Flansburgh , gets off to a funny start. Among the music journalists he has polled so far, there are two clear leaders: Lou Reed , who died in ; and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons , who still lives. Erring on the side of diplomacy, I say I have met my fair share of short-tempered stars but perhaps they were just having a bad day. And so I spill about the surly Irish actor and the permanently pissed-off A-list actresses. He is as delightfully forthright, cheerful, sincere, articulate, generous and upbeat as you might expect from the man who cowrote and sang the joyous Birdhouse in Your Soul , in Since forming in the early s, he and his fellow John Linnell, his long-time friend and bandmate have been on a maverick musical hamster wheel, working nonstop and perpetually making and performing new material.

Love, science and top-shelf liquor: the world of They Might Be Giants

Appropriate, then, that this one is called Why? Lyrically the song just escalates from there, from being rude to dad to dropping eggs out of a 14th story window to shaving the puppy and pouring water down the stairs.

It's crazy to think that They Might Be Giants have been recording for 30 years. But as this fearlessly eclectic group once sang, time is flying like an arrow, and the clock hands go so fast they make the wind blow., The album Flood is the first CD that I have a clear memory of holding in my hands.


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