We build the wall inc

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we build the wall inc

The Politics of Immigration: Kris Kobach, Dave Bossie, Corey Lewandowski

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Most of the crowdfunded wall is situated on private property owned by a brick company. We Build the Wall locked the private gate on June 6. Construction on the private wall in Sunland Park began on Memorial Day this year , but it was temporarily halted by a cease-and-desist order from city officials, who said We Build the Wall lacked the necessary permits and was in violation of city ordinances. City and state leaders criticized the wall as unnecessary and ineffective, but the mayor later allowed construction to continue. Kuczmanski says USIBWC is still waiting for We Build the Wall to fully file a permit request related to its use of federal land — a different permit than those required by the city. The organization said it is planning to continue building walls in other locations on the border, but has yet to announce where those walls are located.

The group that raised millions of dollars to build a privately funded border wall separating Mexico from the U. The investigation began after multiple complaints raising questions about the funds raised by the organization and how they were being allocated were sent to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, the spokesperson said, but declined to comment further. In her complaint from January , Tien wrote that a search of the Florida Secretary of State business organizations site "provides no evidence" that We Build The Wall, which is registered in Florida, has filed articles of incorporation as required, and that it "seems unlikely" that it has obtained c 4 status, making it tax-exempt as a social welfare organization, with the Internal Revenue Service. Tien told ABC News that she wrote the complaint because "members of the public who make donations to nonprofit entities are entitled to an expectation that they be used in accordance to state law. A complaint received on Jan.

Like most Americans, I see the porous southern border as a national security threat and I refuse to allow our broken political system to leave my family and my country vulnerable to attack. The plan of action was simple and straightforward to raise money to construct a wall on our southern border. I have been literally overwhelmed and inspired by the outpouring of support, calls, and emails from American citizens who support our efforts to Build the Wall. I got some hate as well but that was easy to ignore with all the positive feedback I was getting. This team has spent countless hours over the holidays reviewing all issues pertaining to the construction of a southern border wall. Unanimously, we have all come to the conclusion that:. The following individuals serve on the on the advisory board, and construction, finance, and or audit committees, operations, administration, PR, Media and ongoing fundraising:.

We Build The Wall is an organization raising donations to build private sections of the Trump wall. Its advisory board includes politicians and activists with a hard-line stance on immigration, including Senate candidate Kris Kobach [3] , ex-Congressman Tom Tancredo [4] and Trump advisor Stephen K. Bannon , [5] chairman of the board.
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We Build The Wall

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