Spyro the dragon haunted towers

Haunted Towers

spyro the dragon haunted towers

Aug 15, To find the Portal to Haunted Towers, from the start of the Dream Weaver Home, Glide over to the building with the Carrot and Armored Monk in.

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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! How do I get past Haunted Towers? I only found one dragon and about gems.

Haunted Towers is a stage in Spyro the Dragon, which is relatively short compared to most stages in the game. The following chapter is a walkthrough of that level. The level starts on a small balcony. You'll find the remnants of your new opponent, a lead soldier. At this stage you will not be able to do anything about him. Instead, you have to use a charge to break the door.

Pages: 1 2 3 Next. Wheres the last Dragon, and I'm presuming its gonna have the gems I need somewhere near it. I've heard about a supercharge seccret or something? Can somebody clarify this, I need help. Yeah, the last one on the upper floor tripped me up a bit. Just use the speed pad down to the basement, and then outside and go left, and jump around til you come back around, and can go up and then jump to another platform.

The Portal will be at the other end of the hallway. Right when you land, pick up the three Red Gems on your left and Flame the wooden door to get through it. In this room will be two and a half new enemies. The green Gnorc is a Gnorc-adier, who throws explosive grenades you should jump over. And at the back of the room is a Blue Wizard. Kill the Gnorc-adier with the Green Gem on the way and ignore everything in the next room as you go to the next bridge. Kill the Gnorc-adier on that bridge for a Green Gem, then Flame the wooden door at the end.

It is considered the second hardest realm in the whole of the original Spyro the Dragon trilogy. It features magical armored Knights, wizards who revive them, and a large castle to use the Supercharge in. There's a tall fairy in an orange dress hidden in the castle and when she kisses you the super fire breath is infinite until you leave the realm. With blue, white, and gold stones to create their homes with, the Dream Weavers have turned Haunted Castle into just about the perfect castle among all castles in their world. There are archways spanning the length of the smaller islands orbiting the castle, as well as plenty of stairs and rooms inside the castle for many dragons, not to mention the occasional fairy kiss on the head, awarded to Spyro for saving the fairy from the steel-forged knight armor. Haunted Towers is more like a comfortable getaway than a site for paranormal activity…though the bumps and strange noises in the castle at night beg to differ….

Spyro Reignited Trilogy: How to Get to Haunted Towers Secret Area

Spyro the Dragon -28- Haunted Towers

The level design, however, remains exactly the same as the original games, and this includes any secret areas in the games. One such secret area can be found in Haunted Towers, and will reward you with a load of gems and a permanent super breath for the duration of the level. Use the ramp to charge through the two metal doors and head into the room with five doors. Break the first one on your left and then use the fairy to get super breath and clear out the rest of the doors and possessed armors. Now head back up to the ramp. This part can be tricky so you might need to do it a few times.

Kosoko is found by using the Whirlwind off the right side of the second building at the start of the level this will require Super Flame from the Purple Fairy to get past the Tin Soldier , then going left through all the enemies and across the thin walkway with Metal Chests on it. He'll be on the left. Lutalo can be found just after the Supercharge Ramp inside the castle. Go down the ramp, down the winding hallway and into the multi-doored hall: Lutalo will be behind the door at the far end. Being made of wood, even a normal Flame Attack will work on it! Copano is the Dragon in this level that stumps everybody on their first play through the level.





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