The three parts of the health triangle need to be

What are the three components of the health triangle?

the three parts of the health triangle need to be

The health triangle consists of: Physical, Social, and Mental Health. Physical health has many components including: exercise, nutrition, sleep, alcohol & drugs to help celebrate your accomplishments and there to offer support in times of need. There are 3 major areas of the health triangle: physical, mental and social.

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The Health Triangle is a helpful tool for visualizing your total well-being. The triangle is made of up three sides, each representing an important side of your health: Physical, Mental and Social. Physical health represents your biological welfare and how to protect your body from illness or injury. Mental health includes your emotional life and how you process things such as stress or anxiety. Social health indicates your placement in a broader community of friends and family. Bolstering each side of the triangle will help you lead a healthy life. Categories: Nutritional Guidelines.

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What does it takes for the body to thrive? You can think of these 3 elements as the sides of a triangle and each one is as important as the others. Let the food you eat slowly kill you or let it slowly heal you. You can choose, you have control over the food choices you make. What we put in our body really matters. What we eat alters the chemistry of our body either positively or negatively.

Get Your Life In Balance (The Health Triangle)

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Health Triangle Facts

The three sides of the triangle of health are, 1. Physical 2. Mental 3. Wellness is keeping a balance among the three elements in the health triangle. The three parts of Health are 1. Physical health 2.

Her area of expertise is health and fitness. She is a Bosu fitness and stand-up paddle surfing instructor. Kent holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Washington State University. The health triangle is a teaching tool that examines mental, physical and social health. It teaches that the three triangle elements are interconnected.

Jul 4, Click here to get an answer to your question ?? The three parts of the health triangle need to be _____ and _____. Select two responses.
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