Summary of poem death the leveller by james shirley

Summary and Analysis of the poem ‘Death the Leveller’ by James Shirley

summary of poem death the leveller by james shirley


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The poem Death the Leveller by James Shirley is structured into three stanzas with eight lines each. The understanding of the poem is fundamental in its allegation that death is a force that haunts all of what human beings do. This is repeated in a couple of places in the poem. It discusses the concept of artificial notions of success and victory. It also identifies the death that looms over us. Shirley strongly believes that death is symbolic and is inescapable.

It presents a vividly personified picture of death as the ultimate conqueror in whose realm perfect equality prevails. No armour offers protection from the merciless hands of death. The ultimate leveller comes and lays his icy hands on kings and clowns alike. Worldly victory and success too are futile before death. Some men reap and heap enemy heads in the battlefield and win laurels to adorn their heads. They too shall bow their heads before death.

"Death the Leveller"?' and find homework help for other Death the Leveller questions at eNotes. Death the Leveller by James Shirley · Start Your Free The poem is, on the whole, a statement about the power and finality of death. There is.
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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Many other people could not understand it. He tries to make us see that good and just actions will live on, but no matter how rich or poor you are, we will all be judged the same in death. These are a sign of war or battle. The poem is written in English, and was printed at the time of the parliamentary victory for Oliver Cromwell and the execution of King Charles I. Undoubted, such drastic events traumatized writers like Shirley who had sympathized with the monarch. Shirley has given death an icy hand which is placed upon something that Shirley once sympathized with, but is now gone.

In this poem, death is personified to showcase that everyone has to face it sooner or later and no one can be permanent victor as everyone has to die when times comes. The poem opens with glint of optimism praising the glory of blood and state but soon takes a darkly philosophical turn stating that nothing last forever. Atheistic view is projected throughout the poem keeping faith at the highest staple. It is a very pessimistic poem telling us that nothing is under our control and discourages us to look forward at better aspects of life. As pessimistic as it sounds, it is a very practical and social poem respecting humanity and spreading awareness of equality.

It is also treated as a funeral song. It says that death is a great leveler. The high and the low, the mighty and the meek, the rich and the poor are all equal before death. This is a very common idea, but Shirley gives depth and vividness to this common truth. Human glory will not last long. All success and victory are mere shadows, not substantial things. When death catches hold of someone with icy hands the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak must yield.

Give me the interpretation of each stanza of "Death The Leveller" by james shirley. by John Donne.


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