Castlevania circle of the moon walkthrough

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castlevania circle of the moon walkthrough

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - PART 1

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Introduction II. Storyline III. Controls and Characters IV. Frequently Asked Questions VI. Boss Guide VII. Equipment List 1 , 2 X.

Select 2 cards any then Activate L in mid annimation press start and select another set of cards to use Cards with the description "No Effect". Here is an idea of what the above modes fireball, gradius, crossbow, dagger do: Fireball: str x. If you are having trouble defeating the two Dragon Zombies please read this. Then once your all done healing, use the rose sword combination and attack the Dragons, repeat this until they die. When you are facing Hugh as a boss, there will be two platforms high above you in the right and left corners. If you are getting low on health while battling Hugh, use the Roc Wing to get to either of these platforms. Then use the Jupiter and Mandrogora cards to regain you're health.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Ever since Symphony of the Night, Castlevania fans have clamored relentless for a sequel. Was the series destined to move to 3D and stay there? Nintendo and Konami puts these fears to rest with the announcements of one of the first Game Boy Advance titles: Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. While not exactly a true sequel to Symphony, many of the elements contained in the games are the same, and the game even stays true to its Castlevania roots by putting you in the role of a whip-wielding hero. The count causes the floor beneath Nathan and Hugh to crumble, causing them to be seperated from Morris. Hugh sets off on his own to save his father, telling Nathan to leave the castle.

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The best selling franchise from Konami comes to Game Boy Advance! Dracula has been resurrected and evil will reign supreme unless he is stopped. Use your whip, special items, and magical cards to destroy the minions of evil while you hunt down Count Dracula. Using superior graphics, addicting game play, and a compelling story, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon will delight new and old fans of this classic franchise. All rights reserved. Home Charts.

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This is an incomplete walkthrough for Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It is not official, nor endorsed by Konami : it was written by fans for fans.

Walkthrough:Circle of the Moon

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It followed in the new style of Castlevania games called "Metroidvanias" due to the heavy influence of the Metroid series that started with Symphony of the Night. Circle of the Moon has been removed from the official canon, and is therefore not part of the Castlevania timeline. Unlike other Castlevania games, the main protagonist is not one of the Belmont clan, but Nathan Graves of another vampire hunting clan. Nathan is apprenticed to Morris Baldwin , a veteran Vampire Hunter who helped defeat Dracula ten years ago. Now he, Nathan, and Hugh Baldwin Morris's son and another apprentice storm Dracula's old castle to stop one of Dracula's servants from resurrecting the Count. Wikipedia has an article about:.

This guy is pretty hard, but with this walkthrough, you can kill him in no time. Before you enter the room, try killing the enemies down below. -



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