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college of direct support login

See how DirectCourse | College of Direct Support is training to educate, enrich and inspire DSPs and the people with disabilities you support.

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The College of Direct Support www. It is providing nearly 65, learners with hundreds of thousands of hours of flexible, self-paced, multimedia training in areas critical to DSPs and FLS today. Most people who provide services to people with intellectual or developmental disabilities are familiar with training. Many states have a required number of hours and topics or even specified curriculum that they mandate providers to use. However, too few are using their training as a component of workforce development. Workforce development is different than simply training people.

The College of Direct Support CDS is an online curriculum designed for those who support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The CDS connects the direct support workforce with a recognized, standardized set of skills to help improve job satisfaction, increase performance and reduce turnover. The evidence-based curriculum was created more than 10 years ago by the University of Minnesota's Research and Training Center on Community Living. The online education model has proven effective for user, in part because of the hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week accessibility. Along with the accessibility and the curriculum, the testing and tracking tools delivered by Elsevier Performance Manager make the College of Direct Support today's leading platform for direct support education. The course content is continuously updated and revised by experts from the University of Minnesota's Research and Training Center on Community Living, guided by a National Board of Editors. The board includes key industry leaders with proven commitment to best practices and they regularly review course content to ensure it reflects the latest standards.

As always, this will be a good opportunity to learn about recent developments in electronic documentation, reporting, EHR and training management from technology leaders in the developmental disabilities field. There is just about three weeks left for this so if you want to join, register now. Please note that registering before August 31 will entitle you to an early bird discount. Details are available on the conference website. Right now, at the joint conference of College of Direct Support and Therap Services, we are showing a working demo of the bridge.

Direct support professional certification in Maine is earned through self-directed learning and classroom instruction. The State of Maine has selected the College of Direct Support; a web based learning management system available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for learner to improve their skills in caring for people across disabilities. By incorporating web based learning, backed by nationally recognized curricula, the MECDS program is designed to promote the profession of direct support. This course establishes a statewide, consistent foundation of knowledge and skills needed by support professionals to improve the delivery of the best possible services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities. The College of Direct Support is creating not only a common knowledge base among professional, but also a common culture. At Port Resources we offer the state required learning modules in our computer lab along with the 12 hours of instructor lead classroom interaction.

E-Time Sheets. Contact Us. Direct Course. At this time all staff have been loaded into the Direct Course and trainings are available. Under the D statute all employee are required to have 6 or 12 hours of training annually, this number is dependent on the number of years employed. MRCI will offer trainings throughout the year to ensure all staff has met their training requirement. Direct Course is a great tool for training staff.

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College of Direct Support

Elsevier Performance Manager is your healthcare education and learning management system. Elsevier Performance Manager is a learning and performance management system LMS that helps you train employees and monitor proficiency across your organization. Designed to meet the unique education and reporting needs of healthcare organizations, Performance Manager enables you to mitigate risks, demonstrate compliance and improve the learning process for every member of your staff. Performance Manager is scalable to suit your organization's needs. It's capable of supporting single departments within a facility, standalone organizations or complex healthcare systems. By bringing Performance Manager to your organization, you can:.

The College of Direct Support provides online courses for providers, lead agencies, people with disabilities and their families. The courses are designed to promote high-quality services that support people with disabilities in leading self-directed, person-centered lives. The Department of Human Services and the University of Minnesota have created learning modules that are available to help license-holders to provide competency-based training for their staffs around D license training requirements. After you submit the form, you will receive an e-mail with detailed enrollment instructions within a few days. People and organizations can customize learning plans based on their unique needs and preferences with support from experienced learning administrators from the Department of Human Services, the University of Minnesota and Elsevier DirectCourse staff. A full list of courses offered by the College of Direct Support can be found in the eCatalog.

Iowa Association of Community Providers now offers administrative assistance to providers statewide working with individuals with intellectual disabilities., You and your staff broaden the world of possibilities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, ensuring each person lives their best life possible.

Curriculum for continued professional training and education now available through Minnesota state agencies for direct care professionals. Elsevier , a world-leading publisher of scientific, technical and medical information products and services, announced today that the State of Minnesota will provide new online curricula from Elsevier DirectCourse to train those who support people with disabilities using long-term services and supports. The integrated, web-based curricula are designed for workers who support people with disabilities. The agreement will enable learners throughout Minnesota to explore and access expert training for direct care professionals. The courses are developed in collaboration with nationally recognized research and training centers, which no other curriculum provider can claim. We wanted to make the curriculum available across our long-term services and supports system in Minnesota. When a person selects a provider or elects to be the employer through one of our self-directed options, they should be granted access to high quality, individualized services with competent direct care workers across the state.




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