James harden double step back

NBA Refs' Statement On James Harden’s Step-Back: “We Missed This One”

james harden double step back

Two things can be true about James Harden: He's one of the best offensive players in NBA history, AND he gets away with a disproportionate.

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Most of the copious baskets that James Harden, of the Houston Rockets, has made this month have been unassisted. James Harden sent a shiver through the N. He lead his team, the Houston Rockets, back from a twenty-point deficit to beat the Golden State Warriors, the defending champions, on their home court. He did this by hitting a three-point shot with seconds left to send the game into overtime. He scored forty-four points in the game, with ten rebounds and fifteen assists.

James Harden's step-back move sparks near-constant debate about what constitutes a travel in today's NBA, but the reigning NBA MVP took.
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By: Nick Schwartz December 18, am. With the Rockets leading the Jazz with one minute remaining, Harden drew a shooting foul on a three-pointer after a remarkable double-stepback against Ricky Rubio. NBA officials admitted they missed the call on Twitter. Harden made two of his three shots at the line, and the Rockets went on to win by five. Harden finished the game with 47 points, 15 of which came at the free-throw line. Isaiah Thomas is already planning on adding the move to his repertoire.

James Harden's stacked stat sheet against the Utah Jazz Monday night included 47 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals, and one blatant travel. With Harden didn't deny that the referees missed the call when he was asked about the sequence after the game, but he had a very funny follow-up for reporters when they called him out. On the replay, it looks as though Rubio may have grazed the outside of Harden's left arm, but the travel clearly came first. Had the referees made the proper call, Utah would have received possession on the turnover with a chance to tie the game or cut Houston's lead to one point.

Getty Houston Rockets guard James Harden. The motion received major attention back in October when the MVP candidate got away with an alleged infraction right in front of the referee. Todd Lisenbee, a radio host at That is a travel, a hundred percent of the time. The NBA has got to figure out how to officiate this rule, because that is a travel any way you cut it. NBA players being allowed to take two steps before passing or shooting is a relatively new development. Not everyone is convinced that Harden is getting away with an illegal move on a nightly basis, however.

James Harden on His Uncalled Travel: 'What Do You Want Me to Say? Tell on Myself?' (UPDATE)

It is safe to say that the officiating -- or non-officiating -- of James Harden reached a new low on Monday night in the Houston Rockets ' win over the Utah Jazz. While there was little doubt that Harden was absolutely phenomenal in leading his team to victory with a point, six-rebound, five-assist night, there was a pretty ridiculous no-call during a key sequence late in the game.

Kyrie Irving vs Stephen Curry vs James Harden Double Step Back!


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