South africa white genocide myth

NZís South African community needs to stop peddling the myth of white genocide

south africa white genocide myth

The squatter camp outside Lawley township, in the southwest of Johannesburg, stretches for miles against a bare hillside, without electricity, water, or toilets.

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The white genocide , white extinction , [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] or white replacement conspiracy theory [6] [7] [8] is a white supremacist [9] [10] [11] [12] belief that there is a deliberate plot, often blamed on Jews , [9] [12] to promote miscegenation , mass immigration, racial integration , low fertility rates , abortion , governmental land- confiscation from whites, organised violence , [13] and eliminationism in supposedly white-founded countries [9] in order to cause the extinction of whites through forced assimilation [13] and violent genocide. White genocide is a myth , [25] [26] based on pseudoscience , pseudohistory , and hatred, [27] driven by a psychological panic often termed white extinction anxiety. The theory was popularized by white supremacist, neo-Nazi , and convicted felon David Lane around , and has been leveraged as propaganda in Europe, North America, South Africa, and Australia. Similar conspiracy theories were prevalent in Nazi Germany [33] and have been used in present-day interchangeably with, [34] and as a broader and more extreme version of, Renaud Camus 's The Great Replacement , focusing on the white Christian population of France. In August , US President Donald Trump was accused of endorsing the conspiracy theory in a foreign policy tweet instructing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to investigate South African "land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers", [39] [40] [41] claiming that the " South African government is now seizing land from white farmers ".

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South African farm attacks

Dateline Explains: South African Farm Attacks

The myth of a white genocide in South Africa comes to Ottawa

Jump to navigation. Please chip in to support rabble's election coverage. Anti-fascists in Ottawa are planning a counter-protest to challenge a white supremacist group holding "vigil" for white South African farmers, who they claim are being targeted and killed. This comes as South Africa prepares for a national election in In advance of the election, the African National Congress ANC government has announced its intention to speed up the slow pace of land redistribution in the country. But as the Associated Press reports, "Black South Africans, who comprise 80 per cent of the population, still own just 4 per cent of the country's land.

White genocide: A dangerous myth employed by racists

South African farm attacks Afrikaans : plaasaanvalle are violent crimes, including murder, assault and robbery; that take place on farms in South Africa , [1] [2] [3] [4] targeting farmers, who are usually white, and farm workers, who are usually black. There is insufficient data to reliably estimate a murder rate for South African farmers. Data released by the South African government in showed that the number of farm attacks had increased between and , but that the number of murders on farms had decreased year by year during the period. Unsubstantiated claims that such attacks on farmers disproportionately target whites are a key element of the white genocide conspiracy theory and have become a common talking point among white nationalists worldwide. South African statutory law does not define a "farm attack" as a specific crime. Rather, the term is used to refer to a number of different crimes committed against persons specifically on commercial farms or smallholdings.

The claim of a white genocide in South Africa has been promoted by right-wing groups in South Africa and the United States and.
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The South African government, which had spent months gingerly navigating the Trump presidency, swiftly hit back. South Africa is engaged in an intense debate about equitable land ownership and righting the wrongs of a racist past. The government wants to allow land expropriation without compensation in some cases. But why, after barely touching on African issues during his administration, had the American president chosen to focus on a domestic debate in South Africa? South Africa has become a twisted meme for the far right online. A favorite for extreme right-wingers like Katie Hopkins, a British provocateur, and Laura Southern, a Canadian alternative media personality, who have developed a substantial following. There is no shortage of extreme voices on South Africa.



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  1. Lone Texas gunman Patrick Crusius: before he killed 22 people and left more than 40 injured, he released an online anti-immigrant manifesto targeting Mexicans and Mexican Americans.

  2. NZís South African community needs to stop peddling the myth of white genocide | The Spinoff

  3. The idea of a white genocide or white extinction scenario refers to any of several doomsday scenarios describing Caucasians or some demographic group associated with white people typically Westerners , Protestants , or Christians , with perceived "pure" white ancestry would be heading towards a demographic crisis , becoming a minority in some or all countries, possibly followed by extinction.

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