Shoppers food warehouse closing stores

Shoppers Doesn’t Plan On Closing Any Stores, Company Says

shoppers food warehouse closing stores

Shoppers Food WareHouse! No Coupons used!

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Shoppers has a new parent company, United Natural Foods Inc. UNFI , that wants out of the retail business to focus on wholesale. Workers, some who have worked for Shoppers for 30 years or more, are asking the same question. The union represents almost 2, Shoppers employees. Most of them work in Prince George's County, Maryland, where there are 12 stores. Federici said he's frustrated because Shoppers new owners aren't saying much about what's coming and what it will mean for workers.

SuperValu, the parent company of Shoppers Food & Pharmacy, was sold in the chain, which used to be known as Shoppers Food Warehouse. Avondale/North Woodridge Citizens' Association, said the closure “left a void.
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Some of the stores have been converted to Giant Food locations, while at least one, Hyattsville, has announced a closure. But that did not result in the closure of the grocery portions of those stores. It leaves open the possibility that it could happen sooner, however, with CFO Mike Zechmeister warning analysts that UNFI could incur one-time transaction expenses if it divests of Shoppers or Cub, another of its grocery store chains, within the current fiscal year — which for UNFI ends July Meanwhile, no layoff notices have been filed for Shoppers stores in Maryland or Virginia, and UFCW Local has not been notified of any job losses through its contract, according to a union spokesman. The rally will be part of a week of action with demonstrations at more than a dozen Shoppers stores.

All Shoppers Food Warehouses to Close

Falls Church Shoppers grocery store sets closing date

Speakers and participants called on the company to ensure these locations remain grocery stores with strong union jobs. It pays all of my bills. When they decided to sell the stores, they should have informed their loyal employees. They should have informed us first. I hope that we can keep our stores and find union buyers — that would be a great outcome. I hope UNFI reconsiders closing our stores.

We now know the closing date for another Shoppers grocery store. That particular Shoppers, located at Seven Corners Center, is one of several that will be converted to a Giant Food, and the conversion will begin later in September, according to a Giant spokesperson. Giant did not release a potential opening date for the new store. Shoppers chose not to renew its lease at the shopping center, according to a spokesman for Shoppers' parent company, United Natural Foods Inc. Shoppers parent company UNFI did not release an exact closing date.


Pharmacy Shutdown Changes Outlook for Shoppers Food Sale






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