Quick sharp pain in eye

Top 5 Causes of Sharp Pain in the Eye

quick sharp pain in eye

Sharp eye pain that's sudden is often due to debris in the eye, but it can be a sign of more serious conditions such as glaucoma or uveitis.

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Sharp or sudden pain in the eye is usually due to debris in or around the eye. Sharp pain can also be caused by more serious conditions such as uveitis or glaucoma. Read on to learn more about possible causes, treatments, and when to get help. Pain in the eye can be caused by any number of conditions or irritants. One of the most common causes of sharp pain in the eye is debris.

Many people complain to their eye doctor about "pain behind the eyes. Pain, headache or achiness that occurs behind the eye is a common complaint and can be concerning. However, a proper diagnosis is not always easy. Your eye doctor will need to evaluate your eye health to determine a possible source of pain. Pain behind your eye can feel like a dull ache or sharp, intense pain. Some people complain of an explosive pain behind the eye or describe it as feeling like their eye is being stabbed with an ice pick.

Get checked out by a professional. Be prepared to answer the following questions about your eye pain:.
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Stabbing headaches can be either:. People with new or never-evaluated stabbing headache should be carefully assessed by their doctor for an underlying cause. Also, they should be evaluated to make sure that they do not have a different primary headache disorder that can mimic primary stabbing headache. Primary stabbing headache has been previously called ice-pick pains; jabs and jolts; needle-in-the-eye syndrome; ophthalmodynia periodica; and sharp short-lived head pain. People with primary stabbing headache describe single or multiple stabs of pain that occur out of the blue. The stabs last only seconds, with the majority lasting under 3 seconds, and occur only once to a few times per day. The stabs usually move from one area to another in either the same or the opposite side of the head.

What Could Sudden Eye Pain Indicate?

We respect your privacy. Ocular pain may come from different conditions in the eye or its vicinity. - The pain can be unilateral or bilateral in other words, you can experience right eye pain, left eye pain, or the discomfort that affects both eyes.




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