Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing

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luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing

Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing is a meme that originates from videos on YouTube, in which Luigi beating different mini-games from the Nintendo series.


The video itself is entertaining and follows through with its title. It also caught on enough to receive over 6 million views! Well, apparently it was interesting enough to get a sequel. And then another one. And then another one…. This raises so many questions. Why is Luigi specifically who can pull so many victories through idle play?

To Interpret this meme, it requires the the player to be Luigi and the rest of the CPU's to be set to easy on any Mario Party game on any Nintendo console. At the end of a mini-game, if done correctly Luigi will win by just standing still and doing nothing, even if the mini-game requires movement. Mario Party 2 [2] , was a game that was first released on the Nintendo 64 [3] in North America on January 24th, and is the sequel to the original game [4] released on the same console in The game is set out like a board game, with players taking it in turns to move round the board and collect stars. After everyone has had 1 go, A random mini-game is selected with the winner receiving a coin bonus. It was these mini-games, that are used in the original video.

The Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing trope as used in popular culture. The player, as Luigi, stands around and does well absolutely nothing, and the.
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The doctors tending to him found his body needing more and more nutrients as the days went on. Mario took it the worst, however. He was inconsolable. His brother, his dearest friend in the world, was taken from him and was being dangled just out of his reach. Luigi wins by doing absolutely nothing and Waluigi loses despite doing everything in his power to win. I once named myself Arsonist and I got the Arsonist role. I won by doing nothing.

Ever heard of the phrase "the best defense is a good offense"? Well, in this case, the best defense is Sometimes the best move you can possibly make when you're up against the opposition is to simply do nothing. They'll just defeat themselves anyway through either idiocy or bad luck. Sound absurd?

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Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing




Luigi's condition was getting worse. The doctors tending to him found his body needing more and more nutrients as the days went on. His organs were shutting .
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