What is the difference between light and value

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what is the difference between light and value

What Is Light?

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So would you say that 'chroma' refers to the 'hue' of a colour? Hi-thanks for your comment sorry I didn't see it until this morning! Hue, I think, is just another word for color. Thanks for reading. But understanding the meaning and the difference in those terms is more than important if you want to know how to paint better or at least paint better informed. The term value, a term that is frequently discussed and which 'throws" many new painters, means simply how light or dark--from white to black--a color progressively becomes on a scale of 0 to 10 with white being 0 zero and black being OK, stop.

Value drawing can be used to create an image that feels so real and spacious that it seems like you could reach right into it! It helps us create believable space, mood, atmosphere and various "special effects" in our pictures. It is an incredibly versatile tool when understood and used correctly! So, what is value? A drawing is said to be a value drawing when it is in black and white, when it has no color.

We often hear people say things like, 'What a beautiful blue hue. Have you ever wondered what exactly they mean by these color terms? Let me clarify the difference between them. Once you understand the difference, you'll never be unsure again. It's very common, even with artists and designers to assume the two mean the same thing. Generally speaking they sort of do, but technically they don't. The comment above sounds like one of those mind-bending riddles.

The real meaning of form is made clearer by its opposite. We would not recognize day as day if night did not exist. Remember thrusting your hand into a big pail of mixed-up, broken crayons, then leafing through your construction paper to find the perfect hue to go with your chosen sticks of pigmented wax? No matter how tidy you kept your supplies or in what order you chose them, even at a young age we searched for correct color combinations. Contrast is the perceived difference in colors that are in close proximity to each other. Dark areas advance, or stand out, while light areas recede, or hang back. Dark areas also have more weight in terms of balance.

Color Contrast – all about the difference

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Hue, Tint, Tone and Shade

Every color in a painting has both value and tone, says Canadian artist Patti Dyment. Tone is the degree of intensity or strength of a color. A pure lemon yellow has a high tone, while browns have low tones. Value describes the relative lightness and darkness of colors in a composition. White is the highest value and pure black the lowest.

What does value have to do with light and form? Everything, really! Understanding value is almost synonymous with understanding light and form, because one cannot exist without the other two. The combination of light and shadow creates a range of values, which then creates the illusion of form. Because depicting value and form depends so much on light, we need to understand how light behaves when it illuminates form. The good news is that when light falls on form, it acts in predictable ways.

Difference Between Tone & Value in Art

This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page. Go to main contents. Precise Color Communication Determining the color of an object was described previously. However, there is a difference when a color is created independently such as by a light bulb. This is called source color. The following is a simple explanation of the differences between object and source color.


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