What is the name of the longest river in europe

Largest river in Europe

what is the name of the longest river in europe

What is the longest river in Europe?

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How often do you think over where to travel this summer or where to spend the weekend? They love this fantastic and powerful river, its warm sandy beaches and green picturesque islands. Locals spend their vacation here and show off beautiful nature to the tourists. What can you count on travelling to this picturesque area? These activities demand different physical fit of the tourist but anyone can find the one that suits him. Among the most thrilling are: wake boarding — a surface water sport which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water; kitesurfing — a surface water sport combining aspects of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing, paragliding, skateboarding and gymnastics into one extreme sport and wakesurfing , which is the fast growing water sport on the Volga River today.

This page lists the principal rivers of Europe with their main tributaries. While the crest of the Caucasus Mountains is the geographical border with Asia in the south, Georgia , and to a lesser extent Armenia and Azerbaijan , are politically and culturally often associated with Europe; rivers in these countries are therefore included. Examples of these are the Arno , Ruhr , Saar , and Clyde. See the lists of rivers for individual countries linked to at the bottom of the page for smaller rivers. The rivers are ordered from those flowing to the extreme northeast into the Arctic Ocean, following the coastline anticlockwise all the way to the southeastern coast of the Black Sea.

This page lists the principal rivers of Europe with their main tributaries. Contents. 1 Scope For this table, when a source for the total length of a river system involving lakes is The name of this river changes from Kubena ( km) to Sukhona ( km) after the relatively small Lake Kubenskoye (a ~15 km crossing ).
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Rivers are freshwater sources that drain into other rivers, lakes, ground reservoirs and ocean. The longer the river's length, the more land areas it irrigates along its banks. Conversely, it can also negatively affect the population along its banks. Throughout human history, rivers have been sources of water, food, transport, hydropower, and defense for people in its vicinity. Fast-flowing rivers also produce waterfalls that in turn generate enough power for hydroelectric generation. The Volga River, which flows for 2, miles, is the longest river in Europe.

These are the main rivers in Europe ecologically, the extreme west of the Palearctic ecozone - which includes Russia in the east. See each article for their tributaries , drainage areas, etc. For clarity, only rivers longer than kilometres or very significant in another way are shown in this list. Shorter rivers can be found in the lists by country. In the list below, the European rivers are grouped by the sea or ocean into which they flow. They are sorted along the coastline of the seas and oceans. Rivers that flow into other rivers are sorted in orographic order , i.

The Longest Rivers of Europe

The Danube is one of Europe's major waterways. Europe is a large region, with several major rivers that connect its many countries. Traveling these lengthy waterways on a river cruise is an ideal way to experience several countries in one trip.


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