All magic comes with a price

All Magic Comes with a Price!!

all magic comes with a price

All Magic comes with a price - Rumpelstiltskin

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Or perhaps its not magic, but highly advanced technology. What matters is the effect that magic, or technology has on your world and the people living in it. Say you want your world to be both medieval in some regards, but also futuristic in others. Sounds interesting. And be sure to balance those technologies in a believable way. For example, in the real world, before we could have cars, we had to invent the wheel.

What I love the most about this series is that it takes all the classics and intertwines them seamlessly. Throughout the series, there have been many others, as well. It has all the suspense and drama of an young adult-adult tv show except we have a little more background from our own past knowledgewhich I think is really cool. I have included a scene from an earlier episode that I think captures the gist of what happens often. Rumpelstiltskin is the king of deals and the most powerful man in the show, so people are constantly coming to him for their troubles. However, the potion made her void of all emotion, and she is kind of evil for a while.

The question is what exactly makes this one different from all the rest? Did you promise yourself that this is the year you will get it all together? To at last find love, or maybe even plan an existential journey to find yourself once and for all, discover your passion, your purpose, what could be nobler than that? The past is the past, its dead and gone, there is nothing whatsoever you can do about that. You cannot control what you cannot change.

We have heard Rumplestiltskin say it a dozen times. And the price pretty much always seems too high when they come around to paying it. You can use Yin and Yang as an explanation or actio and reactio. If you have or do one thing it will always have an effect. It can be small, very hard to detect and easy to overlook, or it can be rather large and not always good. Magic, in my believe is like energy.

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Magic According to Rumpelstiltskin

Magic Systems Lesson 1: Magic Comes With a Price

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All magic comes with a price. It was something Rumple had told him many times. And it was why Neal had spent the last week on edge. A week ago, Neal had been on the brink of death. But, then Emma and Rumple combined their magic and suddenly he felt better than he had in a long time. He was. But, he felt on edge, because he was sure there was going to be some kind of catch.

But who pays it? The caster or the recipient? Why only Dark Magic? Or is this simply Rumple's saying that he spread around? Dark Magic, usually curses and major spells, seem to require ingredients, special items, or magical energy.

"All magic comes with a price."





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  1. It costs these ingredients, time, and energy, but seems to not exact a price on the I think a better way to interpret it is: "All magic comes with consequences".

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