How to press a comic book with an iron

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how to press a comic book with an iron

The difference can sometimes mean thousands of dollars when discussing high dollar key comic books. Do NOT press a comic book with an iron. All of these.


Find Comics For Sale. All Stores. Hmm, how long before those fine folk at CGC and Wizard latch on to this one as another means to artificially inflate prices and convince the speculators how much their comics are worth That was a horrible video that accompanied the article. I couldn't really see what he was doing in it. I don't get it though, does it just fix spine rolls or does it fix creases too? It fixes any form of creasing that doesn't break color, including spine stress.

But, there are good flaws and bad flaws. Pressing is a process in which certain flaws can be literally squeezed out through the application of heat, moisture and pressure. Pressing was very controversial about 10 years ago. Many purist collectors claim this is a form of restoration. But, the problem is that pressing is not detectible. At the time it was the only blue label copy graded at CGC 9. It seemed pretty clear that the second 9.

how to press a damaged or wrinkled book? (Comic Book Forums)

If you collect comic books, you may have heard about comic pressing. This is the act of taking a comic that has been folded or damaged in a way that makes the comic no longer flat, and flattening it.

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This is a tutorial on how to use non-restorative techniques to improve the appearance of comic books. Our example book is an original Avengers 1 that has been graded 1. The first step was to release the book from the CGC holder. After the seal was broken the inner case, label and book were easily removed. I freed the book from the inner case by carefully cutting the plastic encasement on 3 of the 4 sides with sharp forceps.

My collection!!! Don of the D. When you argue with an idiot, that's just two idiots arguing. Put a book in a bag with a back board on each side, place on a thick book larger than comic size, then top with as many other heavy books that you can find. A week or so is worth a good bit of difference depending on how damaged the book is. These deals are almost gone Thanos 13 Mckone Cgc 9.


Save time and money by pressing your own comic books with a heat press machine. Most supplies can be purchased directly on Amazon or eBay to save time, money, and shipping costs. I started a personal journey trying to learn the tips and tricks of pressing comic books. I wanted to learn techniques without showing any evidence of pressing or damaging a book. There have been some bumps along the way through some trial and error. This is still a guide for beginners and the basis to get started.



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