Rabbit with pancake on head

Oolong, the rabbit that became an internet hit by balancing things on its head, lives on

rabbit with pancake on head

Sixteen years ago, a domestic Japanese rabbit became one of the first the meme: What happened to the bunny with a pancake on its head?.

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Pancake Bunny is a nickname given to Oolong, a Japanese rabbit who was trained by his owner Hironori Akutagawa to balance objects on his head. Oolong the rabbit was born on July 28th, in Hokkaido, Japan. Oolong's owner, Hironori Akutagawa, began posting photos of the rabbit on his personal website [1] in The first photo of Oolong balancing an object on his head was posted on May 24th, [7] , with one film canister shown below, left. Oolong did not balance a pancake on his head shown below, right until February 12th, Over the course of Oolong's life, Akutagawa took hundreds of photographs of the rabbit balancing a wide variety of small, light objects on its head, which he called "head performance. On August 8th, , a thread linking to Oolong's homepage was posted on the DVD Talk [10] forums, resulting in fifteen pages of user discussion about the rabbit's photos.

Born in , Oolong had a relatively quiet existence for the first five years of his life. In the following years, Hironori balanced and then photographed a number of objects atop of Oolong including a teapot, a keychain, toilet paper, and a CD although, not all at once. But then: Oolong was discovered. How did it feel? I just felt stunned.

It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Pour a 40oz of pancake syrup for respect. Every bad post on MetaFilter will be in his memory Don't click on the first link if you are particularly sensitive or sentimental. Requiescant In Pannekoeken, Oolong.

Oolong became an Internet phenomenon through his owner, Akutagawa, uploading images of the rabbit with objects balanced on his head because of his skills of balancing items such as dorayaki and others. Akutagawa's site featured "photo journeys" of Oolong traveling with his master through the house, yard, and other locations. The website became known to a wider audience when it was covered in by Syberpunk , [1] a site which focuses on odd aspects of Japanese culture. Oolong was trained to balance objects on his head, an art called "Head Performance" by his owner. Although most reactions on the Internet were positive, [ citation needed ] there were some complaints by people who believed the practice to be cruel to animals. In response, Akutagawa wrote in a message to website visitors:.

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