How to edge a lawn with a string trimmer

How to Edge a Lawn

how to edge a lawn with a string trimmer

Mowing the lawn makes your yard look neater, but for a truly manicured appearance, Line up the trimmer line on the weed wacker with the edge of the the drive, walk or flower bed. This Old House: Choosing and Using String Trimmers.

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Trimming and edging. As with any other aspect of lawn maintenance, a high-quality finished product depends on doing the job the right way. Edging requires a similar hands-on training approach, Shackleford advises. Those edges are then maintained with the hand-held stick edger. While an employee will occasionally use a string trimmer to create a clean edge, Shackleford still prefers using an edger for the task.

All you need to get a sharp lawn edge is a cordless string trimmer like the Scotts SYNC™ System 20V Lithium-ion String Trimmer. When edging your lawn, you'll.
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While curved-shaft string trimmers may be the best tool for some users, I find that a straight-shaft tool is far easier to control and much more effective. Plus, you can get it under things like shrubs and small trees more easily than with a curved tool. The biggest thing I see people struggling with when they use a string trimmer is spin direction. Just as a circular saw needs to eject sawdust as it works, a trimmer needs to eject debris from its cut path. If your trimmer spins counter clockwise, it ejects material from the left side of the tool and cuts best with the right side.

Mowing the lawn makes your yard look neater, but for a truly manicured appearance, it helps to finish by edging the grass along the driveway, walkways and flower beds. You have several options for edging, but the affordable and widely sold weed wacker works well without the need for additional equipment. With a little practice, your can transform your weed wacker into a quick and easy edging tool. Put on safety glasses. Start the weed wacker following the manufacturer's instructions.

Read on to find out how! First things first, before you learn how to edge a lawn with a string trimmer, you need to take all the necessary safety precautions. A string trimmer is capable of causing injury to you and others, as well as damaging windows, cars, and other property. The head rotates at a very high speed, and is capable of turning stones and debris into high-speed projectiles. Make sure your clothing is not too loose. Before you start the string trimmer, mow your lawn. Mowing the lawn will give the whole lawn a uniform and neat look.

How to Use a String Trimmer Properly, Without Breaking the Line!

Having neat edges along walkways, driveways, and planting beds gives your lawn a professional look everyone will admire. Learn to edge your lawn. - Eugene is an avid gardener and has been passionate about growing things for nearly 40 years. He also has a keen interest in DIY.

Need Tips For Edging With String Trimmer

Discussion in ' Lawn Mowing ' started by johnwright , Jun 7, Log in or Sign up. Sign up now! Tags: edgers edging trimmers weed eaters. Messages: My nephew has taken a liking to mowing and landscaping 14yrs old and I was trying to show him how to edge with a Stihl 2-stroke string trimmer but I TOTALLY failed and we are here asking you guys for tips.

Trimming and Edging the Right Way




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  1. Oct 8, There are a few simple secrets to maxing out your string trimmer. They'll Tapering: I treat the lawn's edges in two ways: by tapering or edging.

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