How to cope with grown child with mental illness

Parenting Adult Children with Mental Health Issues

how to cope with grown child with mental illness

Every month I receive emails from parents (just like you perhaps) of adult children who have a serious mental illness. You tell me many things.

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Mental illness. The term itself is intimidating. The spectrum of mental illnesses is vast and encompasses everything from depression to schizophrenia. The prevalence of mental health issues among young adults is staggering. The social impact is enormous. According to the same researchers at NAMI, half of all chronic mental illness begins by age 14; three-quarters by age

Parents of adult children with serious mental illnesses, like schizoaffective disorder, face a big challenge. An adult child can be resistant to treatment, but getting good care is essential.
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What do I mean by losing control of your house? Does the child have a completely different sleeping schedule than yourself and other members of the family? My health care is my own business and not something you need to ask me about all of the time! Many times this happens even if people have the best intentions. Bipolar disorder is a serious illness and if a child has moved back home due to the illness, there is a good chance they are in need of help.

This post was republished with the permission of the author. It originally appeared on the blog of bestselling author, Pete Earley, here. Our systems institute punishment when help is desperately needed. They deny access to services and then blame individuals who are severely impaired for not solving their own crises. They push people to a precarious edge and then kick.

When Your Adult Child Breaks Your Heart

It's every parent's hope that their children are born healthy. Unfortunately, either through hereditary genes or lack of quality prenatal care, some children are born with various health conditions.





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