How do you add radicals

How to Add Square Roots

how do you add radicals

Algebra - Operations with Radical Expressions

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There are two keys to combining radicals by addition or subtraction: look at the index , and look at the radicand. If these are the same, then addition and subtraction are possible. If not, then you cannot combine the two radicals. Making sense of a string of radicals may be difficult. One helpful tip is to think of radicals as variables, and treat them the same way. When you add and subtract variables, you look for like terms, which is the same thing you will do when you add and subtract radicals. This next example contains more addends, or terms that are being added together.

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Can you add a radical with a whole number #4 + 2sqrt3#?

Simplifying radical expressions (addition)

Adding and subtracting radical expressions with fractions is exactly the same as adding and subtracting radical expressions without fractions, but with the addition of rationalizing the denominator to remove the radical from it. This is done by multiplying the expression by the value 1 in an appropriate form. Rationalize the first term. Multiply the term by a fraction equivalent to 1 using the radical as both the numerator and denominator. Rationalize the second term.

You could probably still remember when your algebra teacher taught you how to combine like terms. Otherwise, we just have to keep them unchanged. Now, just like combining like terms, you can add or subtract radical expressions if they have the same radical component. This shows that they are already in their simplest form. To simplify radical expressions, the key step is to always find the largest perfect square factor of the given radicand. After simplifying the radical expressions in our side calculation, as shown above, we can now proceed as usual. I will incorporate the simplification of radicals in the overall solution.

The radicand refers to the number under the radical sign. In the radical below, the radicand is the number '5'. Let's look at the following example. You can only add square roots or radicals that have the same radicand. So in the example above you can add the first and the last terms:. The same rule goes for subtracting.


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  1. Step 1: Simplify each radical. Click here to review the steps for Simplifying Radicals. Step 2: To add or subtract radicals, the indices and what is inside the radical.

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